Oct 5, 2014

More Pregnancy Album Layouts and a Goodbye!

Hi Pinkfresh fans! April here to share a few more pages from my pregnancy album.

My first layout documents our second sonogram that we had.  It's pretty amazing how fast our little peanut had grown in such a short time period.

My second layout is a double page layout that documents some of my random (and not so random) cravings that I've had during my pregnancy.  I never had any super strong, or super weird, cravings, but these foods were definitely things that I wanted more often than I ever wanted them pre-pregnancy, so I thought it was document worthy!

For someone who typically never eats cereal, it was a surprise to me and my husband to see that all I ever wanted for breakfast was cereal!  Trader Joe's Maple or Toffee Cluster cereal, to be exact! :P

My third layout documents my celebration for passing my glucose test.  After failing the 1 hour test, I was really freaked out going into the 3 hour test.  Luckily, I passed and was told I didn't have gestational diabetes, so to celebrate, I went to get a gelati! :)

And with that.. this is my last post on the Pinkfresh DT.  My time is up on the team and with the baby coming sometime in November, I'll be spending my time concentrating on "nesting" and the baby's arrival.  I just wanted to say thank you so much to Kinnari, the rest of the DT girls, and all of you Pinkfresh supporters for letting my share my creations with you these past 6 months.  It was a blast being on this team and I am so appreciative of my time here.  Thank you!


  1. It's been fun seeing your blog posts here - good luck with your new baby!

  2. Congrats to you & I love your layouts!

  3. Super cute! I love your layouts. :)