Jan 14, 2016

Two Layouts with Felicity and Life noted

Hello everybody!
I'm very excited to be here for the first time showing you two layouts that I created with Felicy and Life Noted collections.
In my first layout I used Life Noted. I love this collection because I think is perfect for documenters and project life lovers, so I decided to do a layout to include in my 2016 project life album.
When I saw the squared paper I feel the need to cut out some squares to create a geometric layout.
I used some squares with words that creates the phrase: remember perfect moments. Some othrs with shapes like hearts or stars and some others in blank.
A good idea is to decorate the blank ones with wood shapes or lettering.
I love to play with volumes so I decided to add the squares with some 3D foams in diferent widths.
The last details of the layout are the washi phrases, some stamps and the titles. I really love this big acetate words!

For the second layout I used Felicity.
When I took this photo I inmediately knew that I will use that collection to frame it.
As I said before, I love to play with volumes  and paper layers are perfect to add volume to your projects so I cut a few paper pieces from other papers of that collection.
Once I had the perfect amount of paper layers and the picture I wrapped it with cord and then I added some decorations as the blue frame.
I used only one frame cutted into two.
The grey houses are from another decorated paper and I added usind double 3D foams because I needed a lot of volume for them.
The final steps where add some black drops, some wood shapes and some inspirational phrases.

Oh! And I added a lot of puffy sequins... OMG! I love that sequins! <3
The last detail was to add some flower stamps, I think this stamps is really versatile because you can use alone or in group to create amazing backgrounds.

Hope you liked my two projects and if you have any doubt, please feel free to ask me.

Thank you for reading!

Jan 10, 2016


Hi everyone! Here Agnieszka :) Today I want to share my layout and the card that I made from the latest collections of Felicity and Life Noted. I love the collections primarily for colors and wonderful patterns. If you like to mix products, like me, then you can go ahead and experiment with these collections ! 

Jan 9, 2016

Hello Felicity!

Hello!  It's Rebecca and I'm thrilled to bring you my first post!  I made all of my projects with the new Felicity collection and I'm loving the bright colors and the sweet, fresh feeling of the entire line.
For my first project, I made gift tags to accompany some simply wrapped kraft boxes.  I wanted to highlight the bold colors of some of the elements so I used lots of white in my tags, which is a trend you'll see throughout the whole collection.
Taking a hint from the white and yellow triangle die cut tag, I minimally embellished a couple of other white tags; one with a wood heart, the other with the 'Happy little moments' washi tape.  
I used another strip of the washi to cover a mini clothespin which clips the tag to the package.  I adhered the tape to the clothespin and trimmed off the excess with an X-acto knife.  It's one of my favorite finishing touches!
There is something I love about a bright green and yellow combination; maybe it signifies something new and cheerful--grass and sunshine?  I'm not sure, but I felt the ampersand needed a sunny yellow tassel (and a little pink wood heart, too).  The heart paper is one of my favorites and I love that the pattern is replicated in washi tape (on the clothespin) and another die cut tag (peeking out from behind the ampersand).
Nothing but good vibes here :)
{The wrap is made from my own stash of fabric, crepe paper, and twine.  I made the tag tassels with embroidery floss and a jump ring.}
I couldn't resist yellow again here; I personally love that Felicity boasts quite a bit of this color.  I paired it with peach again for a set of simple mini cards and envelopes.
Wherever possible, I love to add texture.  This small set has 7 kinds of it--washi, wood, thread, tulle, doily, glitter tape, and paper.  I adhered the yellow triangle washi tape to a 4 x 3 card base, then piled on my doily, tulle, and metallic gold thread.  The 'Enjoy the little things' sentiment from the die cut pack is the perfect little message, adorned with a wood heart.  And it nestles sweetly inside a matching handmade envelope.
Since leaves and birds are symbolic of springtime, those two washi strips seemed appropriate here.  And the matching envelope?  Made with the bird on the wire paper, of course!
Thanks for joining me today!  You'll definitely want to get your hands on the Felicity collection when you see it; as the name suggests, it's going to make you nothing but happy!